Extending your

Extending your

Personal and legal support when you need it most

To make your life easier

As you grow older, it becomes more important to be connected to people who help you navigate the way in which you live, the complexities of your legal affairs, finances and your health, while providing companionship and comfort.

You want to stay in your own home, but you have to be able to do that safely. And if the time comes to transition to a new lifestyle and move into aged care, you want someone by your side to advocate for you.

We are here for when you want independence but need support. We give you the peace of mind to take charge of this new stage of your life.

We also help support your loved ones if you are worried about them not being able to manage anymore.

Whiting Williams is there when you call


A social worker introduced us to Les. He was estranged from his three children and didn’t have long to live. He asked David to write his will and be his executor and attorney. David was able to help Les to reconnect with his children and to make provisions for them in his will. When one of his children fell ill, we took Les to see her in hospital. When she died, we arranged for a car and driver to help Les attend her funeral. We helped him mend his fences, pay his bills and arranged for him to move to aged care where we were regular visitors. When Les died some three years later, he did so knowing his life was valued.

Our approach

David Whiting of Whiting Lawyers and his wife Marie established Whiting Williams to help people like you manage their affairs for as long as needed.

Whether managing your legal or financial affairs, easing the transition to aged care, supporting you through health concerns, organising your home help, or advocating for your right to services we provide a personalised one-on-one approach.

Unlike some companies we are happy to work with your lawyers, accountants, financial planners, attorneys and of course, your friends and family.

In helping you meet the challenges and care needed towards the end of your life David is able to act as executor of your will and give you peace of mind that your final wishes will always be respected and that your dignity will remain intact.

Put simply, Whiting Williams is a bespoke service. We will do what you need us to do to make your life easier.

We come to you

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to visit your lawyer’s office. That’s why we can come to you, at home, in hospital or in your aged care facility.

If you are in hospital, we are on-call to be by your side, advocating for you with medical and other professionals. We ask the questions and explain to you what’s happening.

We will regularly check in to see how you are. We’re able to collect, or redirect, your mail, pay your bills on time and support your return to home or aged care.

We give you our direct contact numbers and are just a phone call away 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Peter was waiting for weeks in the hospital Geriatric Evaluation Medical Unit and he couldn’t go home, he needed to go to an aged care facility. He told David he owned a house in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which was rented out and the real estate agent was “Mr Smith”. It took us a while to find Mr Smith and negotiate on Peter’s behalf. David went overseas to collect the balance of Peter’s money from the bank account in his name. Once the house was sold, we directed the funds to a trust account so Peter now had the money for the best aged care available. We arranged for his transition and watched over his care for 2 years. One of the special tasks Marie did for Peter was buy gifts of chocolates for 3 religious orders for his last Christmas.

Why choose Whiting Williams

As a well-known and respected lawyer, David has been handling estates and powers of attorney for many years. He found some of his clients needed more than legal work. In 1993, he asked Marie, a former nurse, to provide her knowledge, companionship and experience to support clients needing more help in their homes, in hospital, or in their transition to aged care.

We are a bit like a traditional law firm providing a full service to our clients, and we offer so much more. We are not strangers simply handling your financial and health affairs. We spend time with you, building a relationship so you know us and we know what you need, when you need it and how to get it for you.

Our experience and knowledge means we have the knowledge on estate management, powers of attorney, wills and health and aged care, at our fingertips. We will advocate on your behalf.

We offer a 24-hour service and in an emergency, we are by your side as fast as possible and we stay as long as you need us.

David Whiting Lawyer
Marie Whiting Client Advocate

Marie Whiting

Marie began her career as a nurse at the Mercy Private Hospital in 1975. Her nursing experience includes working as a midwife at both the Mercy Maternity Public Hospital followed by the Royal Children’s Hospital. Later, she continued her nursing career caring for many elderly patients in private hospitals and aged-care facilities. She prides herself on having given thoughtful nursing care and consideration throughout her career as a nurse.

In 1983, Marie combined her nursing knowledge and skills working in pharmaceutical sales.

Four years later, Marie joined an international recruitment company in the nursing and medical division. Her work involved placing nurses at hospitals, aged care facilities, occupational health industries and other businesses.

To match up everyone’s needs to the right resources that requires understanding, empathy, trust and being a good listener. Marie always enjoys a challenging fast paced environment, that offers a constant variety of opportunities and is herself an international award-winning sales consultant.

Over the years she has also volunteered on Rotary projects and directed and managed many successful fundraising campaigns as President of Mercy Private Hospital Graduate Nurses Association, and as coordinator on a school parents and friends committee.
Since 1993 Marie has been involved in carefully watching over and advocating for many of her husband, David’s, clients who needed extra care to stay at home, or help settling into aged care.

In her regular visits to their home, hospitals or aged care Marie listens to their life stories and takes the time to find out what worries them. She uses her good old-fashioned nursing eye to suggest ideas, treatments or gives comfort by simply holding their hand. Being independent of the aged care system, Marie works directly with our clients to help support them to take charge of this new stage of their life.

They know that Marie will do her absolute best to ensure they feel more secure, independent, comfortable and dignified. This gives both them and their loved ones the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is under control.

None of us should be alone in the last years of their life

Our beginnings

In 1993, David’s client Lindsay, the last of 3 brothers and long retired, sought David’s help with his brothers’ probate, his own will and asked David to act as his attorney and his executor. Soon after Lindsay, had a severe stroke and had to go into aged care.

David arranged Lindsay’s comfortable care, managed Lindsay’s finances, facilitated the sale of his home and became involved in Lindsay’s health decisions.

David asked Marie to provide her health knowledge, companionship and experience at navigating aged care systems. David and Marie felt it was incredibly important that Lindsay wasn’t alone in the last years of his life. Marie arranged for the extra comfort that Lindsay required, not offered at the aged care facility.

After Lindsay passed away in 1996, David acted as his executor – administering a charitable testamentary trust that continues to this day.

Lindsay needed a champion. Someone who cared about him, not just for him.

It was an unplanned health event beyond Lindsay’s control and with support from David and Marie there was a back-up plan when he needed it most.

Your problems, like you, are unique and should be solved in a unique and personal way.


Annette and her mother’s lives had been hard and Annette came to us worried she might die first. David put wills and powers of attorney in place for each of them. Over the next 10 years, Annette and David occasionally caught up for a chat over coffee. One day, Annette called to say she was in intensive care and asked David to visit. During that visit, Annette gave him a set of final instructions. She died about 3 days later. Annette’s funeral was exactly as she had directed and all in consultation with her mother, who was the sole beneficiary of her will.

Our services

We support and advise people from all walks of life and professions.

A recent medical diagnosis may have highlighted an urgent need to resolve your outstanding personal, financial or legal matters. Please feel free to call us when you feel you are no longer able to manage on your own.

Most of our clients have no family or friends nearby to help them. They engage us for legal and estate advice and get the benefit of Marie’s personalised one-on-one care.

We start with an informal chat about your needs, maybe even over a nice cup of tea. We help piece together your life’s jigsaw, assembling the many personal, financial, legal and health pieces to provide order and structure for you.

Legal Services

David helps you to write your will, manage your estate and if required will act as your attorney or executor. He liaises and works with your financial planner, accountant, lawyer, attorneys or other professionals and of course your family.

As your attorney, David has the power to pay your bills, manage your Centrelink, aged care facility or pension documents. He is ready to help you prepare your home for sale, engage an estate agent and maintain your property if you are not able to. He will always keep you fully informed.

If you engage David as the executor of your estate, he will take the time to understand your wishes and make sure you get the funeral you want, even arranging your final resting place and plaque.

Personal Services

As a nurse, Marie worked with older people in hospitals, their homes and aged care facilities. She understands the complex aged care system and can advocate on your behalf - think of her as your personal “project manager”.

Marie ensures you have support to stay in your own home as long as it’s safe, adjust to being back at home after illness or injury, or to settle into aged care if needed. She can declutter your home and sort out your documents, jewellery and sentimental items, arrange the sale or donation of unwanted items and make sure you take your beloved possessions with you into care.

We encourage you to continue your interests and hobbies. We arrange outings - going to the cinema, the ballet or the football. You will always have news to share with your friends at dinner.

Marie’s services are as personal as you need them. From your first contact with her, she takes the time to understand your unique situation and health history and looks for ways to improve your quality of life.


Judith called David’s law firm just before going to hospital with late stage cancer. She wanted help with her will and powers of attorney. She asked David to take over her personal and financial affairs. We paid her bills, made sure her dog was looked after and maintained her home. In time, we found a new home for her dog, and sold her home and car. When she moved to palliative aged care, we visited often, including late at night before she died, with David confirming her affairs were in order and Marie offering care and empathy.


Extend your independence

We understand that relationships are personal and everyone is unique and has their own story. That’s why we tailor our services to your needs.

Call us on 03 9672 5888 for an obligation-free confidential chat about what we do, how we do it, and how it might benefit you or a loved one. Ask us to send you a free information pack that includes a personal check list.

Our office hours are 8.30 am until 5.15 pm Monday to Friday. If you call outside those hours, please leave a message and we will return your call when the office re-opens.

Already a client?

If you need to contact us out of hours, please use the contact details we gave you when you engaged our services. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for current clients.

We are problem solvers who work with you to navigate life’s big decisions.

Let us ensure you are secure, independent, comfortable and dignified knowing everything is under control.

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